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From linear to circular: Using plastic waste as a raw material for high-quality and recyclable products. 

BOXS AG supports national and international organizations in setting up circular economy initiatives.

We support national and international organisations in setting up circular economy initiatives. Our expertise is the production of versatile recycling boards for the local reuse of mixed plastic waste..

This is our contribution to the reduction of global plastic waste pollution and CO2 emissions.

Swiss Plastics Expo 17.01.-19.01.2023: Award Winner

Every three years the leading trade fair of the Swiss plastics industry takes place. Our UpBoards booth was much visited, the interest in our recycling boards made from mixed plastic waste was very high.. 

The trade visitors even voted us the public's favorite: Many thanks to all who voted for us - a great recognition of our innovative technology.   


New location Gretzenbach

  In a major effort, the team moves the site from Gränichen to Gretzenbach.

The new location not only brings a larger area for our employees and production.The accessibility and the development opportunities together with Recoplast AG have been chosen with the needs of the future in mind and open up ideal growth opportunities.

Standort Gretzenbach BOXS AG


BOXS @ International Facade Conference  

End November 2021, Raphael Markstaller spoke on "Plastic waste for affordable building material - a circular solution" at the  Internationalen Fassade Conference at KKL Lucerne, hosted by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences of Arts.

Leading international engineers, architects and research representatives presented the latest trends, developments and technologies in the field of building envelopes and actual issues.

Speakers of the international Facade Conference hosted by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences of Arts

BOXS @ Praxiszirkel Kreislaufwirtschaft

Opportunities and benefits of the circular economy, a topic we deal with intensively. At the invitation of the Hightech Zentrum/HTZ Aargau, Raphael Markstaller gave a presentation on the topic of "Innovative recycling panels made of mixed plastics" during the kick-off event  "Praxiszirkel Kreislaufwirtschaft" of the HTZ..

Praxiszirkel Kreislaufwirtschaft


Vor fünf Jahren wurde die BOXS AG gegründet. Wir haben in dieser Zeit viel erreicht und freuen uns auf weitere spannende Jahre. Vielen Dank für die tatkräftige Unterstützung.




Häuser aus Recyclingplastik für Flüchtlinge in Jordanien

Zelte bieten den Menschen in Flüchtlingscamps kein würdiges Zuhause, sagen die Gründer des Aargauer Jungunternehmens Boxs AG. Mit Unterstützung der Hochschule Luzern entwickelten sie ein modulares Leichtbausystem aus rezyklierten Kunststoffplatten. In Jordanien ist ein Feldtest im Gang. 

Häuser aus Recyclingplastik für Flüchtlinge in Jordanien



High Tech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ)

Recycled plastic houses for people in need

The High Tech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ) presents the feasibility study of BOXS in its annual report.

Recycled plastic houses for people in need


Aargauer Wirtschaft

The precious resource plastic (page 44-45)

In an interview with Aargauer Wirtschaft, CEO Raphael Markstaller explains how BOXS contributes to the reduction of plastic pollution with houses made of recycled plastic sheets.

Die kostbare Ressource Plastik - Aargauer Wirtschaft


1. Internationales Projekt

The new BOXS Light system is being tested in Jordan. The project shows a concrete end application for plastic waste.

Internationales Projekt


Gründung UpBoards GmbH

BOXS AG founds the subsidiary UpBoards GmbH.

The company specialises in the manufacture and sale of all types of recycled panels.

Gründung UpBoards GmbH


BOXS Light

Together with the Hightech-Zentrum Aargau (HTZ) and the Hochschule Luzern (HSLU), the lightweight construction system "BOXS Light" is being developed. The main focus is on the use of recycled plastic waste from the sea or land for the construction of robust and safe living rooms.

BOXS thus combines a sustainable improvement of the environment with the construction of adequate accommodation for people in need.




(News article in German)
Innovatives Start-Up zieht nach Gränichen

Kleinwohnformen und Tiny Houses sind im Trend. Das wissen auch die Spezialisten der Boxs AG. Mit dem Umzug von Wohlen nach Gränichen in die Ex-Spielinsel «Purplefrog» erweitert das Jungunternehmen seine Produktionsfläche auf knapp 300 m2. Denn die Nachfrage nach modularen Raumlösungen für mittelfristige Einsätze boomt.



1. Outdoor-Lösung

A living pavilion in 4 weeks. This is the conclusion of the realization of the first "BOXShelter" as an outdoor solution. In an unbeatable construction time of 20 days (from foundation) a living pavilion with 3 1/2 rooms with kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms was created.



Advisory Board

Wit prominent members to Success

The Start-up BOXS AG gets a prominently composed Advisory Board to support and accompany the founding team.

Advisory Board


Standort Gränichen

In a major effort, the team moves the production site from Wohlen to Gränichen and thus increases the production area from 200 to a total of 300 m2.

However, the new location will not only provide a larger area. The accessibility, the proximity to the motorway and the development possibilities in terms of production lines are future-oriented and open up new planning possibilities.

BOXS AG Gränichen


Swiss Innovation Challenge

Platz 15 von über 100 Teilnehmern.

Im Rahmen der Preisverleihung der Swiss Innovation Challenge 2017 am Tag der Wirtschaft in Basel, wurden die Finalisten im "Innovation" mit einem Portrait präsentiert.



Mehr Raum für Gemeinden

Sommer ist Ferienzeit. Das stimmt, aber nur zum Teil: Zehntausende Flüchtlinge nutzen die warmen Monate um ihre vom Krieg oder Armut gezeichneten Länder zu verlassen.


Unterkünfte für Menschen in Not aus dem Baukasten

Der Kanton Aargau hat im ehemaligen A3-Werkhof in Frick eine Unterkunft für Asylsuchende realisiert.


Aargauer Zeitung

Asylbewerber ziehen in die "BOXS"

Container-Dorf: Ein Aargauer Start-up hat ein Leichtbausystem erfunden, das in Frick erstmals zum Einsatz kommt.


Erstauftrag: Werkhof A3, Frick

In cooperation with the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DGS) of the Canton of Aargau, the BOXS team realised two indoor lounges of 140m2 for 180 people in the A3 factory yard in Frick (AG).

The cantonal accommodation for refugees has been in operation since April 2017.


SwissUpStart Challenge: 2. Platz

This day will go down in history: BOXS wins the 2nd place in the category economy at the Young Entrepreneur Award of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW.

SwissUpStart Challenge


Aargauer Zeitung

Weder Container noch Zelt

BOXS AG: Ein Aargauer Jungunternehmen hat Unterkünfte für Krisengebiete entwickelt, die aber auch hier aufgestellt werden könnten.

Aargauer Zeitung


Swiss start-up launches innovative refugee accommodation

BOXShelter combines the best elements of containers and tents. It can be  used for refugee and evacuation camps but also for offices, schools and storage... Swiss start-up launches innovative refugee accommodation


Sunshine Radio

Interview about BOXS AG

At the Lucerne Festival 2016 BOXS in cooperation with Sunshine Radio provided the backstage area for renowned artists like Rival Kings, Nickless, Mimiks, DJ Robin Tune, Sinplus and DJ Zsu Zsu.


Feldtest: Luzern Fest

Exclusive backstage area for singer, songwriter & bands: in cooperation with the Lucerne regional station "Sunshine Radio" BOXS hosts a great line-up like Rival Kings, Nickless, Mimiks, DJ Robin Tune, Sinplus and DJ ZsuZsu

The stars and VIP's in the BOXS stayed dry during torrential downpours.

Luzerner Fest, Feldtest BOXS AG


Refugee container on the wolf:
Savings of millions would be possible


Gründung BOXS AG

The company BOXS AG is founded.

The four initiators Raphael Markstaller, Yannick Tuch, João Almeida and Andreas Liniger found BOXS AG and assume the mandates of the Board of Directors.

Gründung BOXS AG



The team needs outside capital until it is ready for the market. BOXS promotes the project with an international crowdfunding campaign and thus finances a further development step.

BOXS will be presented to the public with a live presentation in Aarau on 14 March. The interesting and also critical discussions underline the team's conviction in the social ideas of the original idea.

Crowdfunding BOXS AG


Prototyp 0.5

The development of the new prototype took almost a whole year.

The new system with monoblock as the basic supporting element also proves its worth in terms of modularity. The development of the console roof creates the conditions for solar systems, water collection and rear ventilation. 

Prototyp 0.5 BOXS AG


Prototyp 0.0

A big day: the assembly of the first POX!

It looks more like a big doghouse, but thanks to the door cutout it resembles a shelter.

Outdoor testing in wind and weather: the floor construction is unsatisfactory in construction. The roof is leaking.

Prototyp 0.0 BOXS AG


Projekt "POX"

Derived from the main components "Panel" and "Box", the project is named POX.

The development work begins: Floor construction and T-profiles for the panels correspond to the ideas. The material for the first prototype is purchased through the team's own efforts. The processing of the raw materials into finished individual parts begins.

Projekt POX


Bürgerkrieg in Syrien

2.6 million Syrians fled out the country. 9 million Syrians fleeing Syria.

The refugee camps in the affected regions are bursting at the seams. The hygienic conditions are alarming.

The existing tents fulfil the spontaneous help, but offer only poor protection against heat and wind.


 Wir sind der weltweite Marktführer in der Entwicklung und Produktion von Upcycling Anwendungen aus Mischkunststoff