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Mixed plastic waste that cannot be sorted or can only be sorted at great expense is currently being incinerated worldwide, disposed of in landfills or ending up in the oceans! 

We produce plastic boards from this "waste" and thus prove that this kind of "waste" can also be recycled!

Mobile Production factory

With our mobile production plant, we produce plastic boards from such mixed plastic waste.

Mixed plastic waste that is not suitable for separation, such as multilayer films (packaging material), is used.

The system is installed in a 40-foot container ready for operation, and can be easily commissioned on site. 

The recycled boards produced can be used for a wide variety of products: Floor panels, walls, raised beds, tables, shelves, barriers and much more.

They are durable and robust. For example, seawater does not affect them.

If they are no longer needed, they can be recycled again.  

Mobile production factory - unpack the container
Mobile production factory - platemaker open
Mobile production factory - platemaker closed

Simply put:
The factory and the products made from the boards help improve local living conditions and promote the circular economy. 

Project services 

In order for our factory to be successfully put into operation, it must be prepared as a project. Benefit from our project experience so that you can set up a successful production! 

We are happy to advise you and accompany you in your implementation project from the first steps to the daily operation.   

More information is available in our presentation about the mobile production plant.

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Reference: Tadweer project in Jordan  
As a first step, Jordan has established the collection of plastic waste in collection points for the very first time. The collected plastic waste is taken to processors, which process the plastic waste to a granulate, for example. This granulate is used by our mobile production factory to produce recycled plastic boards. The sheets are further processed into the locally required products.   

More information about the Tadweer project: