Writing history

With new approaches, innovative ideas and proven materials, the creative and dynamic team develops tailor-made and ideal solutions for individual room requirements. 


CEO & Head of projects                 

"Insanity is when you always do the same thing but expect different results" - a proverb that drives me to be open to new ideas. During my training as a metal worker, studying or at work I always saw innovation as a driver for success. This is what I am doing at BOXS, and I want this concept to be at the foundation of our culture.

The strength to pursue this is given to me by our great team, my wonderful family and my relaxing home.



Head of Sales & Customer service
Member of the Management

Quality is when the customer comes back - not the product.

Personal, individual and reliable. These are, for me, the guiding principles of a successful customer service. For more than ten years, I have been taking care of the concerns of customers, always focusing on people.

My great passion is traveling. I find it tremendously exciting to learn and know more about other cultures and to gain insights into their lives.



Head of Marketing & Communications

The creativity of the employees is one of the success drivers for product performance.

As a concept-oriented thinker with a keen eye for detail, I put the customer point of view in the center of my planning and my actions. I see myself as a service provider, who is also able to take a hands-on approach and support processes at their very base. Only those who understand know what to do.

Because only those who understand know what to do.



Head of Information Technology

From the Atlantic coast of Portugal to the heart of Switzerland.

I never lose a strong desire to explore new and unique points of view, both professionally and personally.

I thrive under pressure and chaos.



Product Manager

The connection between technology and business inspires me.

At BOXS, I have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge I have learned during my studies.

BOXS already has very good structures for a start-up company. I hope that my input will help to achieve the company's vision.



Customer service

Looking outside the box, thinking outside the box and working out different solutions contribute to my own as well as customer satisfaction. The goal is a relationship based on partnership in which everyone involved enjoys their work. As a boy from Dortmund, I love to travel and found my place in the inspiring, green Switzerland.

Never lose sight of the big picture and still think of the small but fine details.



HR & Accounting Departement

BOXS offers ingenious room solutions and products, which are versatile applicable, also in the refugee assistance.

At BOXS, I have the opportunity to get involved quickly and create structures in a young company so that my colleagues can concentrate on their core business and the realisation of new projects.



Market Development & Innovation

Risks are full of new opportunities. They open the door to new ideas and opportunities. The opportunity to learn and receive outweighs the risks, which are not as obvious to me as they are to others. My creativity is not a talent, it is my way of working. If I don't have what I want, I search for it. Even if it means not getting sleep.

From our ideals I draw inspiration to solve problems and develop great ideas, which I can then implement in close cooperation with our strong team.



Project Management Production & Assembly 

If you have an idea, start today. There's no better time to get started than now."

It is exactly these ideas that I can bring to Boxs in connection with my studies and also realize them.



Production & Assembly

Change your view of the big picture from time to time. Seeing the world with different eyes. As a freethinker and lateral thinker I have the opportunity to unfold and further develop myself in boxes. I see great potential in this startup and am happy to be a part of it.


Production & Asssembly

The heart of BOXS beats for sustainability, the name stands for reliability and innovation. A great combination of future visions and commitment.

I am delighted to be working for this company.