Sleeping in a "Recycling house"

Make recycling a tangible experience and bring the innovative BOXSLodging to your place.

The building envelope consists of sustainable recycled panels made of 100% plastic waste. The structure and envelope is modular. 

With  BOXSLodging you promote the reuse of plastic waste, which leads to a reduction of CO₂ emissions (as opposed to incineration).

Our accommodation made of plastic waste has its origins in humanitarian aid, for which we have already room solutions for UNHCR in Jordan im in place.

Where is our tourism heading? 

More and more people want exceptional accommodation with a special ambience. Many are looking for a unique short holiday or something new and innovative. Those who are not exactly looking for standardised and functional accommodation and who attach particular importance to the individual can look forward to  BOXSLodging.

The concept

BOXS AG makes recycling a tangible experience with BOXSLodging.

The tourism industry faces many challenges and is currently in one of its greatest crises. We consider sustainable accommodation solutions for tourist purposes or short stays to be an innovative solution. With  BOXSLodging haben you have the option to attract new guests with a sustainable offer.

Why BOXS Lodging ?

Plastic waste is a valuable resource that can be used to make new products from recycled plastic.

Each recycling panel consists of around 30 kg of recycled mixed plastic! A BOXSLodge unit saves as much  CO₂ as a car ejects over a distance of 18'000km.


About us

The story of BOXS AG

In cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) and the Hightech Centre Aargau (HTZ), BOXS AG developed a new room system especially for humanitarian purposes.

Now,  BOXS AG provides solutions that meet different requirements and purposes.

UpBoards GmbH

In 2019 StartUp BOXS AG founded its subsidiary UpBoards GmbH.

The mission is a sustainable use of resources and the promotion of upcycling to reduce CO₂.

By manufacturing alternative products from mixed plastic waste, UpBoards GmbH is doing important pioneering work in the Swiss circular economy. 

Our recycling boards

In the core, mixed plastics (packaging, multilayer films etc.) are processed, which are otherwise incinerated and therefore not reused.

Recycled plastic scrap (PE/PP/PS) sorted by fraction is used in the top layer to ensure a regular surface. All plastics are food safe and therefore harmless.

More information in our BOXS Lodging fact sheet:    Zum Factsheet

Haben Sie andere Bedürfnisse?  Unsere BOXS Lodging lässt sich auch für weitere Einsatzmöglichkeiten verwenden, beispielsweise TinyOffices oder Hobbyräume. Kontaktieren Sie uns, wir beraten Sie gerne.